Thursday, 17 April 2014

My Poetry

Practise Poetry Recital Evaluation

Were you pleased with how you sounded? Why or why not?
I think i have spoken loud and clear.

What helped you learn your poem?
What helped me was learning every day.

Did you look at your audience?
I think I have looked at the audience all the time.

Did you speak clearly?
I have spoken clearly.
Did you use an expressive voice?
I used expression sometimes.
What are your next steps?
To do more my expression.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Weekly number challenge

Today’s Number:

Write it in words
six hundred and forty seven

Write it as an expanded number

Add 3

Add 20

Subtract 5

Double it
Half of it
Multiply by 3

The easiest part was write in words
The hardest part was multiply by 3
I need to work on add 20

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Panmure Library

Today Room 7 went to to Panmure Library.We had to leave at 12:30.We walked up the road.When we arrived  were people from the Auckland  Museum.We learnt about our local Mountain. We had to make a story in tribe's.The tribe's are Patu Paia Rehe and the other one was Te Rero. I was in Patu Pai Rehe.We used the rakau.We used the Rakau in our fight.Then the lady said"The end!"Then we made the hook in a clay. Then we came back. It was fun.       

Monday, 7 April 2014

Weekly Number Challenge

Today’s Number:

Write it in words
five hundred and eight two

Write it as an expanded number

Add 3

Add 20

Subtract 5
Double it
Half of it
Multiply by 3

The easiest part was add 20
The hardest part was Multiply by 3
I need to work on double it.

Monday quick write

Make up a super hero!!

On Saturday I went to the park and I saw someone and he looked like he needed help.He was in a tree and he was stuck up the tree I went fast up the tree and got him off and I said, 
"Are you all right?"I asked and he said, "I'm all right!"Then I took him to his family and then he said to me, "Thank you, Superman."