Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Rugby Union Inter-school

Today the year 5,6,7&8 went to Dunkirk Reserve to play in rugby and ripper rugby. Our first game was against Glen Taylor. We tried our hardest but unfortunately they have won. After that we had a bye. During that time, we were practising spreading out and communicating with each other. Our second game was against Glenbrae. This was really close game but they won 17 -10. Our third game was against Glen Innes this was a really close game but they won 12 -10. I thought this game was really awesome I was running on the side line and no one got me. Our last game was against Tamaki Primary. As soon as the game started the scored a try. During the whole game we started to give up, I think that this day was really awesome because we all were trying our best. 

Sunday, 15 October 2017

PBS blogging challenge Day 3 Bonus Activity

Our challenge was to create a DLO about all the ticket prices and attribute an image to go with it. The hardest thing that I had to find was the animal express pass prices. There are many different think that can do with the animal express and I had a lot of fun doing this task.

PBS blogging challenge Day 3 Activity 2

For this activity we were challenged to make a infographic about an animal at Kelly Tarltons. I chose to pick the Octopus, I found out that the Octopus is really interesting. One of main thing I found is that the Pacific Octopus lives on the sea bed.

PBS blogging challenge Day 2 Activity 2

Our task was to create a new mascot for the Sky Tower. The name of my mascot is Sky Rocket, I tried to make like the Sky Tower itself. I found this task hard because I could only use the equipment provided in a Google Drawing. I spent a whole day make they eyes and eyebrows. 

PBS Blogging Challenge - Day 2 Activity 1

Our challenge was to find 5 interesting facts about the Sky Tower. The fact that I found most interesting was number 4.

PBS Holiday blogging challenge - Bonus Activity - Day 1

For this activity we had recommend a ride to a friend and say why you chose that ride and how might you feel. I chose to pick Oh Hsen, and the ride that I chose was the Stratosphere. I cannot wait for day 2.

PBS Blogging Challenge Day 2 Bonus

For this activity we had chose five activities from the sky tower and pick one of them that you would to do the most. I have had a lot of fun doing this activity because I like looking at every new thing that is at the Sky Tower. The thing that I would like to do is the Spytower is looks really.

PBS Blogging Challenge Day 3 Activity 1

Our challenge was to find how much would it cost for me to go and then my family to go to Kelly Tarlton's. For my family it would cost $240. This was a really fun task.