Thursday, 31 July 2014


The Birthday Party!!

On Saturday it was my mums birthday at Valentines. My aunty came over and we went to Valentines.

After we ate food. I was surprised what I ate. I ate chips and chicken and noodles I ate that all. When I  finished eating I smelt food that made me go for more. Then I ate ice cream, pavlova and kiwi fruit. I ate the cake like a monkey eating a banana. At Valentines I saw  people eating ice cream. I saw my cousin eating shrimp, rice, samosa and chips. I saw my mum and auntie drinking coffee. I saw people eating bread with butter and coffee. The cake tasted nice. The cake has big flowers and small flowers and they were different colours. It was wonderful.

Friday, 4 July 2014

In my art I used landscape lines. We did colour mixing.I copped a photo from Ton Schulten.For my blue I mixing blue and white to make a light blue and I put more white and makes lighter blue and keep making that until it finished. I mixed red, yellow and blue to make brown.I mix those colour and add white to make lighter brown and add black to brown that makes black brown. I mixed yellow and blue to make green and put white to make a lighter green and I put black it made back brown. 

Term two reflection


                    My term two refection 

   How much work did we do?I think that I know.

In writing room 7 did detail in writing. In writing we did  simple and complex sentences . We put conjuctions in sentences.

In reading I learnt how t read on line books. We know how to find information on line and of line. room 7 can read for 20 minutes.


In kiwi sport we did soccer. In soccer we played warm up games. We learnt how juggle. We played doge ball.

What is room 7 going to do in term 3 ?


Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Today I did the super quiz on kiwi kids news.The super quiz is the last quiz for this term.This is how much I got on the quiz.