Tuesday, 28 June 2016


My Speech:

O lou igoa o Eric, e sefulu tasi ou tausaga. Ou te fia tau atu le manaia o Samoa.
My name is Eric, I’m 11 years of age, I am talking about why you should go to the beautiful Samoa and there landmarks.

In Samoa there are two main islands called Upolu and Savaii. If you go to Upolu, Upolu is where the capital Apia is. The people in Upolu take a big ferry boat to go to Savaii. Samoa has many waterfalls that really cold breezy. Samoa is a lovely country, happy and freedom people.

Beautiful air surrounding with coconuts, paw paw. Even if you feel hungry, families will make food for you. Friendship and communication with each other. That's why I love the beautiful Samoa. There culture is unique to their island and very religious. There foods are yummy because it’s done in the traditional way which is umu.

Have you heard about Robert Louis Stevenson Museum. This museum is really old, I think that we can look after the landmarks, it is not me or you but it is everyone or the people of Samoa. It is simple to do this, do just have to look after landmarks in Samoa.   

Today for speeches I worked with Micaiah, Tai and Sa Kae, They worked collaborative tougher to give me a score. As you can see from my speech on top, part of it is in Samoan. As can you see at the bottom there a rubric that was mine for my Speech. When you see my rubric I am in the class finals, I think that I can improve from the Expression and all the stuff.

Inquiry - Japan

This DLO is about Japan, I worked with Manu. We had to work o these Learning challenges. These Challenges are like Map Challenge, the Location, the continent and  Language. Read more and find out what I did with Manu

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Orienteering - Y7

After lunch, the 7's went of to Orienteering. We had to follow the institutions on the map. On the map it had letters and beside the letters there were places where points are. These points were around the school, most of our class got muddy because out side was really muddy. The first picture is of when we were lining up for starting the Orienteering and the second is of when we finished the first one I did. 

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Blog Pots Bar Graph - Maths

For this task I was a blog post Analysis. I had to write what I did and I had to write how can I be better. read more and find out.

Current Events - Reading

For this task I was working with Manu. We were doing current events, for our currents events it was called Cleveland win the title. We had find a article and read it. After you read it you answer the questions that we were given. There is a link the the word article that has the story.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Peter Jackson - Reading

This is one of my DLO on Peter Jackson. We had to Find 5 things about Peter Jackson. Read more and find out about Peter Jackson.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Conflicting Information - Reading

What Killed All The Dinosaurs
LI: Conflicting Information

Ice Age
Probably the most widely known theory, the asteroid impact theory maintains that a meteorite roughly the size of the Isle of Wight crashed into the Earth’s surface, 65 million years ago. The impact triggered a series of powerful earthquakes and forest fires, as well as a number of continental landslides. Combined with the debris that was, according to Dr Joanna Morgan, “ejected at high velocity into the atmosphere” the planet was plunged into darkness, causing a global winter that killed off many of the living species on Earth.
The super volcano theory argues that the asteroid impact was merely a prelude to a number of volcanic eruptions that occurred in an area in India named the Deccan Traps. Researchers have discovered four separate waves of eruptions that released huge clouds of sulfur dioxide into the air, bringing showers of acid rain in turn. These waves are estimated to have occurred between 67.5 and 65 million years ago.`
A team from Holland and Italy discovered fossilised cold water plankton that dates back 65 million years in an area that had previously been warm see in Tunisia. Dinoflagellates and Benthic Foraminifera plankton were found in the first time-dated fossils that provide clear evidence of climate swings. Matthew Huber of Indiana’s Purdue University said: “The fossils indicate that something suddenly made the water cold enough to support these tiny critters.”

The volcano because when the volcano erupts they don’t have enough time to escape. The strong smoky air that they breathe in. Or when they have showers of acid it easy for the acid to target them directly.

I think that the volcano might have have killed the dinosaurs because it’s the dinosaurs could have been hanging around the mountains. Also having the lava killing them.

This is Tai and my DLO on What Killed All The Dinosaurs. We had to read a text that Mrs Kirkpatrick shared with us. Then we got a task to share and write comments underneath.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

China - Flow Up

This is my DLO that I did. This time I was learning about China. On this DLO it has the Virtual Tour Of China and the language DLO. 

Thailand - Flow Up

This my Thailand group DLO I did this with Freeman and Manu. We had to do the flow up activity.  

Maths Transum - Mrs Anderson

This is one of my transum Activity, this was called Times Square. For this I had write the times tables as fast as I can do. If you want the link to Transum here it is.   

Aquatics Inquiry - Beach Saftey

Today Manu and I were leaning about beach Safety. This DLO shows what happens if you don't take care in the Beach. Read more and you will find out more what rip currents are.