Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Harris Burdick - Wright

Something Under The Rug:
Once upon a time there was a man in his 50’s living in his home upon the highest mountain in the world. It was a really long night during the DAYLIGHT SAVING. His special talent was to stay awake for 1 whole week. He was sleeping on his bed then there was a sound coming from the living room. He said “ IS SOMEONE GOING TO BREAK INTO THE HOUSE.”  He felt scared and angry because one might kill them and other is because it was breaking his beauty sleep. He in the living room and there was something under the rug. “IS IT A RAT OR A MOUSE.” He lift up the rug and it was rat.


Today for writing we had to use some pictures from Harris Burdick to start out writing. Mrs Anderson told us to use the six sentence starts. We did this to practice our skills with our writing. So then I made up a story and used all of the things make this.

Quizizz - Maths

Today for maths all of our class (LS2) played Quzizz. Quizizz is a game that involves challenging someone. We also played against our teachers Miss Naicker and Mrs Anderson. Mrs Anderson came first out of the hole but unlikely Shannon and Thomas lost for first place came second. Then it was Mrs Naicker's tern, I think she came somewhere in the middle. So if you want to play Quizizz the site is here.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Cross Country

This is the collage of the hole school Cross country. My part in this was a helper, I had to tell people to go around the flags over all I think that everyone had heaps of fun.

Basketball After school

On Wednesday we had the after school Basketball. We had two early games against St Patrick and Point England Black. Panmure bridge Yr 5&6 played St Patrick, they came out with a draw 10-10. Then it was the Yr 7&8 played Point England Black, we came out with a big win with 14-6. A big thanks to Mr Oglvie Mrs Anderson and RSA for providing the transport.     

Thursday, 1 September 2016


These are my three Sketchnotes, you maybe don't know what a Sketchnote is, well I will tell you. Sketcnote is is a way of doing notes in a fun and easy way buy using pictures, capitals and lowercase words. So did three Skectcnote the first one we did was Questions, then we did one about Athletics rules for games. Then the last one we did was about Olympics games and how they get medals I really hope you use Sketcnote.   

Cross Country Trainning

Last few weeks we have been doing Cross Country training. Mr Ogilvie was the teacher who giddied us threw the training. First we started up with 1 lap then over the it started to be more and more laps. The last laps I didn't do them the did 6-5 laps, but Mr Ogilvie timed the people that took. These are some photos of the people training.