Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Olympics Topic, Hauora

This is my DLO that I did with Jonathan and Adien. What is Hauora? Hauora is the Maori belief of well-being, and it is 4 walls also if one of the walls down you have broken rules. 

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Writing - Poem

I will put into the box …

A famous soccer player that has passed in time,
The unknown secrets of America, known knows,
All of the tornadoes that has ever broken families

I will put into the box …

Some rare Diamond Pendants that were stolen many years ago,
The new Iphone 7 that hasn’t came out yet in the world,
All of the ugly laptops that were ever went out in the world,

I will put into the box …

The loud sound of the people that I ever known,
The felling of waves going across my body,
The hearing people say that they want to learn from,

My box is fashioned from Gold and Witches in cold shivering away and  unicorns , with rainbow colored tails on the lid and gold that is from the mines in the corners.

Its hinges are Monkeys that like really old witches in the dark dark night

I shall Put a whole school of fairy’s that has all the flying dust in the world in my box.

 This is my poem that I did for writing. This is a Magic box poem, For each I will put the box we had to do three each. But not the bottom bits. I really, really like this I hope we do this again.

Warriors - DTR

Today we had an Assembly, that DTR sponsor Alice and Warriors players Ryan Hoffman and John Palavi and Georgia. First we played a game called team Trivia, The first one was Hydration, Hydration is we you drink water to not be Dehydration. The second was Belonging,  When you belong, it is to some one or something. For example like Family or School. Then the last one was Sleep. You need Sleep ever night because if you don't you will get grumpy and snap peoples head off. For each one there were spot prizes. This was a really fun assemble with Ryan Hoffman and John Pahlavi.

Inter school Netball Compassion

On Wednesday 17th August, the Y7 &8's and Year 6 and 5 went to the Inter School Compassion. Their were four teams from the the year groups. I made a Collage to make so you can make see what we did. So the Year 7 and 8's had the first games of the day. We had 6 games each, we lost 3 and we won 3. But at the end of the day we had a lot of fun.

Current Events - Olympic Spirit

This was my Current Events on Olympic Spirit. We had to learn about sportsmanship with each other. Nikki and Abbey were in the 5,000m race. So I think this was a really good task that Mrs Anderson.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Long Jump - PE Run, Jump Throw

On Thursday For PE we had Run, Jump, Throw with Andi. Our focus was on Long Jump, Andi torched about how yo take off when you jump and how you land after. I have a photo of me doing the jump. Over all I learnt heaps of things for Long Jump.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

LS2 Run Jump Throw - PE

Today for PE, Year 7 & 8 did Run, Jump, Throw , our coach was Andy. First we did a rap up of last week session then we stated up with a warm up, it was Octopus. Octopus was a really good warm up to start the session. After the warm up, we talked about the proper way to run and start a race. First thing that Andy talked to us about is how to start in a race. For long distance race the say ready set CLAP (GUN), and for the    Then it was our turn to run, before we started we had to be one meter behind the line, but you don't look at what is in font. The last game that we played was like rabbits and rats, the main point of the game was to take your cone to the middle before your partner, My partner was Thomas. 

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Big Sleep Out - Reading

This is my DLO on the big sleep out. First we had to look at a little clip, then we had to look at the sites that were provided by Mrs Anderson. We talked about the problem but we all had to work by ourselves to answer the questions and think about the points of view.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Hover Bike Advertisement - Writing

In this task we had to sell a product. The product was a Hover Bike. I was working with Zahn, we used persuasive language features, bold colours and groups of three. The persuasive language used here was to persuade people to buy Hoverbike by dropping the price from $500 to $225. Available a  Group of three, is Buy it , Ride it, Hover it

Olympics Logo - Reading

This is my logo for the the New Zealand Olympics. This was a task based on the topic Olympics. The Rugby Ball is based on the All Blacks Rugby team for New Zealand, The Silver Fern is there because it is the national plant of New Zealand, and the Rings are there because they are the Rings of the Olympics.   

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Speed Maths

Today for Maths we were practising our speed times quizzes. We had to everyone and it was hard. As you can see with these screen shots for the first one my rank was 5 so I cam 5th and it is also at rank 5 then for the last one I came 10th.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Maths - Mrs Anderson

This task was fun to do, we worked all of Mrs Anderson maths group. I think I was coming first, this was fun a good to do with groups.

Buddy Reading With R4 & R3

This afternoon we did buddy reading with Room 4 and Room, everyone had to partner up with someone. My partner was Josh, he was in room 4. The book we were reading was T. REX. We had a lot of fun after they went back to their classes.