Wednesday, 13 December 2017

NEXT FOUNDATION - Summer Learning Journey

Today The Next Foundation came to our school, during assembly. They were here to launch the Summer Learning Journey for 2017/2018. The Summer Learning Journey is hosted by Rachael Williams. The program consists of many different entertaining and educational activities. The NEXT Foundation have made a mini movie with our school. The main character was Daniel, there were also other students featured in the movie. It was really fun having a film crew filming our class. After assembly, the NEXT Foundation provided us with lunch, that was really nice. I can't wait to complete The Summer Learning Journey for these summer holidays. 

Collaborative Christmas Challenge

In LS2 we have been learning how to work collaboratively with each other. Our task was to research a country and explain how they celebrate Christmas.  The country that we were researching was Germany. We were researching the traditions, food and etc. I learnt that in Germany kids place nice and clean boots in front of their door so St Nicolas (Santa) can visit them and leave a small gift. St Nicolas doesn't really come, its just a family member dressed as Santa. I found that Santa's name is really interesting because it's hard to read. 

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Maths - Geometry Co-ordination

For maths today, we were doing some geometry coordination. First of all, we had to complete four pages of reading maps. Some of the tasks were pretty easy like: Draw a snake in the jungle and draw a road from toptown to hilltown. Then, we were given a piece paper with instructions and a piece of paper with a half completed dog. Our challenge was to follow the instructions to complete the dog. We then had to color the dog in. For this task, we had to remember and use the ladder rule (You can't go up and across but you can go across then up).

Google Game - Programming

This morning LS2 went on google and played the new google game. The game involved coding. We were making the bunny go in specific directions. We were inserting arrows and different types of codes into the coding bar to make the bunny move. The game had a tutorial at the beginning to give us an idea on how to code. 

Monday, 4 December 2017

Robotics at Tamaki College - 1/12/2017

Last week on Friday after our normal session of tech, we got spilt into 3 groups. They were Robotics Mr Dunn, PE with Mr Moyes and Social Sciences with Ms Apelu. I was in Robotics we spilt into 4 groups of 3, in my group I was with Oh Hsen and CJ. There was two Mdrone's and two Mbots, we chose to pick one of the Mbots.  We had to challenge the other group programming the Mbot by making the Mbot do a figure 8. At first my group found this very complicated. The more we tried, the more we knew how to programme it. We eventually found out how to make it go in specific directions. We then made some progress towards our challenge and we ended up finishing the figure 8.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Visit to the Fire Station

On Tuesday Panmure Bridge School walked up to the Mt Wellington Fire Station. When we first arrived there, we asked questions. We learnt that if you call an ambulance there is a fair chance a fire truck might show up before an ambulance, but that is okay because they are first responders and know what to do. We then went outside look what things a fire truck has. They explained to us that when people are stuck in vehicles, the firemen cut/destroy the vehicle to get the person out. One thing that I learnt was that you should always have fire alarms in you house.

Fire Station Summary

I have created a DLO explaining how the fire service helps our community with my group: Tai, Sa Kae, Calvin and Ma'ata. The first thing we did write down 20 important words then choose 6 from the 20 words. The last thing we did was make a few sentences using the 6 most important words that explains how the fire service helps our community.