Monday, 25 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey - Week 1 - Day 4 - Bonus Activity

For the last activity of day 4 of week 1. The challenge to rank three performances from kapa haka groups. You also have to say why you chose to chose that rank. 

Rank 1 - Tamatea Arikinui - My Reason I chose to put this performance because I thought they motivational and they we using Poi.

Rank 2 - Te Puku O Te Ika - My Reason I chose to put this performance second because it was sad to see a picture that the man at the front, and then when put it at the front with all the things their heads it was another level. :)

Rank 3 - Te Iti Kahurangi - My Reason I chose pick this performance to be last I just don't get the singing and they no acting peace. 


  1. Morena Eric,

    I have to say Eric, your work is always consistent in the level at which it is presented. Ka pai Eric!

    Rank 1 – I agree, they make you feel very inspired when they use their poi! They must have practiced for hours to get that awesome performance!

    Rank 2 – This is a very interesting point you have made. It is a very sad song indeed. I wonder if this song is dedicated to someone very special to the Kapa Haka group. What do you think?

    Rank 3 – I thought this was a cool song as it is a very famous one by a person called Hollie Smith. Check out the original version if you are interested. But I can see what you mean about not having any actions. I thought they sung beautifully though.

    Is there a Kapa Haka group at your school that you can join? I hope you are or feel inspired to join after watching these inspirational performances. I loved being in the Kapa Haka group at school, it was so much fun. Especially when we got to go on trips as a group to perform or learn about the Maori culture.

    Keep up the great work Eric.

    Cadence :)

  2. Malo Eric,
    Well done for completing this task. I whould like to say that you have done a really good job doing this task. I really agree with you I whould like to say that I whould perfer to all of them to #1.
    From Joshua

  3. Hello Eric
    Well done on completing this summer learning journey activity. I kind of agree with your ranking, but I think that Te Puku O Te Ika is slightly better than Tamatea Arikinui. Keep up the good work Eric.