Monday, 25 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey - Week 1 - Day 4 - Activity 2

For the second Activity of day four of week 1. The task was to pick one of four Maori games and say the name, the goal or purpose and two rules. Here is the game that I have picked is Ki O Rahi. This is game is been played in New Zealand many of generations.

i. Name of game - Ki O Rahi
ii. The goal or Purpose - The purpose is the score as many point as you can.
iii. Two rules - You not allowed to hold the more than 3 seconds without running. You are not allowed to go past the far (outside) border. 


  1. Hi Eric,

    Another great post. You have completed the activity perfectly with your game name, purpose and two rules! You have a great way of setting out your work including your numbering system. Very easy to follow and understand. You’re a star!!!!

    Maybe you could include a diagram of the border (outside of court) so your readers will be able to picture the game you are explaining. You could even add an equipment list so people can know what they will need to play :)

    Awesome work Eric!!

    Cadence :)

  2. Hi Eric,
    What an awesome game. I have choose a diffrent one then you. But this game is the best. I think next time instert a picture of you and your famliy or your school mates doing it.

    Have you ever played this game yet?
    Have fun!


  3. Hello Eric
    Great job on completing this summer learning journey activity. Ki o Rahi sounds like a interesting and fun game. If I could, I would play it. Keep up the awesome work Eric!