Monday, 25 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey - Week 1 - Day 3 - Bonus Activity

For this task I had to chose three members of my family and ask them what their favourite things to do in the Summer. After I have to write three interesting.

What they like in the Summer?

Mum - My mum likes to go shopping in the summer. She also likes going for a vacation over seas.

Dad -  My dad likes to fix things inside & outside. He also likes going for walks everywhere.

Brother - My brother likes to watch T.V. He Also likes to play games.

Facts About Them....... 

Mum -  My mum has lots of family in Samoa (Extended Family). She is a fluent speaker in the langue.

Dad -  My dad has been at his work for 17 years. In 6 year my dad is going to retire.

Brother - My brother  knows how to play the drums. My brother listens to Heavy Metal


  1. Hey there Eric my name is Billy from the Summer Learning Journey programme. It's great to read the interesting facts you have written about your family. It sounds like your brother is pretty cool. How long has he been playing the drums for?

    What two facts would you include about yourself?

    Thanks, Billy

  2. Hi Billy,
    My brother has been playing the drums nearly 4 years now.
    The facts that I would about myself are, I enjoy playing rugby and I want a to move America.

    Thank you for comment.

  3. He must be really good! That's cool, I've never really played rugby before. I play soccer, netball and basketball though.

    What makes you want to move to America?

    Thanks, Billy

  4. Hello Eric, I like how your dad worked for 17 years. I wish my dad works for 17 years. I like how you includ The fun facts into your post.

    Keep up your work


  5. Hello Eric
    Well done on finishing this summer learning journey activity. My brothers and I also like to watch TV or play games. Where overseas does your mum like to have her vacation? Keep up the excellent work Eric!