Monday, 31 July 2017

Maths Ordering fractions test

Today I played this game about ordering fractions. I think that I need to practice more ordering fractions, because I only got 25% witch I think is bad.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Why it is so important to keep oral storytelling alive?

Oral storytelling is a great way to keep the Maori stories, alive. This is a very important tradition to pass down, from generation to generation.

In LS2 we have been looking at Myths and Legends. With a buddy you needed to watch three videos with subtitles. I then had a learning conversation with my partner (Oh Hsen). We have worked collaboratively for the last part of this activity, which was to write a very powerful 25 word summary, on why it is important to keep oral storytelling alive. The text above is our summary.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Explore Maori Myth and Legends

In LS2 we have been exploring Maori myths and legends. We decided to make a storyboard that about Maui slowing the sun.  Oh Hsen and I have used Dialogue to explain what's going on, we had to show not tell. In this myth, Maui doesn't have enough time to do his daily things. I found it challenging to pick the right characters, and the type of color that you wanted. I also found hard to pick the right background for one scene because most of the other backgrounds did not match with the scene that we did.

Maths - Ordering fractions

Today I have played a game called ordering factions. This game has really helped know how to order factions.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Day 7 Bonus Activity

For this Activity I picked to write a reflection about what happen in my week.

In my week I have learnt a lot of things about New Zealand I did not know. I always like learning new things. The thing I like doing the most is the find a famous New Zealander. The task that I did not do was create the Moa, I think that it was the hardest. This was really fun and I can't wait for the next one. 

Winter Learning Journey - Day 7 Activity 2

For this task I had to do something I that I liked to do. I really like to reading books. 

Winter Learning Journey - Day 7 Activity 1

For this I had to write a list of things that I could help New Zealand with the rubbish problem. 

  1. Put more rubbish bins around.
  2. Get people to pick up rubbish up.
  3. Don't litter in first place.

Winter Learning Journey - Day 6 bonus Activity

For this task I had to list the threre best haka. Here is what chose out of three: 
  1. World cup 2015 
  2. All blacks vs South Afica 2016
  3. All blacks Vs France

Winter Learning Journey - Day 6 Activity 2

For this task I had to write what three things that I would like to see.
  1. See the light trail.
  2.  Spring clean.
  3. Go have a feast to celebrate the new year.

Winter Learning Journey - Day 6 Activity 1

For this task I to image that I was people to arrived by waka to New Zealand. Then I had to make a peom. Here is my poem:
I am roying fast
My heart is beating
I take my first step on New Zealand
I am really happy that,
we found a New Country

Winter Learning Journey - Day 5 bonus Activity

 For this task I had to say if I would ride to Central Otago rail trail in one day. I say it would a lot fun because I normally go on bike rides. It would really go exercise for me.

Winter Learning Journey - Day 5 Activity 2

For this task I had to research a famous New Zealander, and find out about them. Then I had to create a DLO and say Where was they born, Why are they famous and two interesting facts.

Winter Learning Journey - Day 5 Activity 1

For this activity I had to write a short story (8-10 sentences) about what might happen next. I had to pretend if I was in a forest and I was lost.
It was night and my friends were nowhere to been seen. Then I realized I wondered away from our camp site. I tried shouting for "help," and shouting "I am lost." Then I herd some voices, by now I am felling so scared. Then I started walking to where I am hearing the voices. But just then I remembered that I a flash light in my pocket. I used the flash to see where I was going, I ended up near a mountain side.

Winter Learning Journey - Day 4 Bonus Activity

For this activity I had to think about if we should ban fishing Farewell split. I think that they should it will better for the dolphins to stay alive. 

Winter Learning Journey - Day 4 Activity 2

For this activity I had to watch movie trailer called the wale rider. The I had to write a summary about the movie trailers and rate it out of five. Here is my summary: This movie is a girl's and her twin bother, that wad going to become the next chief. I give movie a four out of ten because it looks to be a fun movie.  

Winter Learning Journey - Day 4 Activity 1

For this I had to read this Farewell Split. Then I had to write what the locals did to try save the wales. 

  • Putting water on the wales.
  • Put clothes and towels on wales.
  •  They got chilly bins, to try keep them wet.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Day 3 Activity 2

For this activity I had read about New Zealand are working to kill pests like possum. Then you had to form a opinion and three reason why you think that way. I agree with New Zealanders that pests should be killed. My reasons:

  1.  Pests kill native trees.
  2.  They could be killing native animals E.G the kiwi by eating the eggs.
  3.  The pests my carry diseases.

Winter Learning Journey - Day 3 Activity 1

For this activity I had to pick New Zealand Native Animal I would adopt. I decided to adopt the kiwi. The kiwi is a flight less bird. The kiwi lives around the forests. The kiwi eat Seeds, Grubs and Worms. Here is a photo of a kiwi.

Winter Learning Journey - Day 2 Bonus Activity

For this task I had to conduct a real interview to a member of family and ask what are there 5 favorite things to do out-doors. I chose to do my brother (Bradley). His favorite things to do were:

  1.  Play Basketball.
  2. Climb Trees.
  3.  Play Soccer.
  4.  Walking around Panmure.
  5.  Riding his bike.

Winter Learning Journey - Day 2 Activity 2

For this Activity I had imagine if I interviewed Laura Dekker. Now I have to write 5 questions I would ask Laura Dekker. Here is her Video Laura Dekker Sailing.
  1.  How old were you when you started to sail?
  2.  What made want to be a sailer?
  3.  What made you want to sail around the world?
  4.  Did anyone in your family sail?
  5. What types of food did eat and Drink?

Winter Learning Journey - Day 2 Activity 1

For this I visited at three places, these were: Rangitoto, Tane Mahuta and Karekare beach. Now I had to pick the the one place that I liked the most. The one I liked the most was the Tane Mahuta. I chose this because it looked beautiful. 

Winter Learning Journey - Day 1 Bonus Activity

For this task I to create my own New Zealand flag. I used flag Designer to make my flag. In my flag yellow is for the sun, the blue is for the Sea, Black star is the stares at night, and the white is for the all whites.

Winter Learning Journey - Day 1 Activity 2

I have finished the second activity for day one. For this task we had to watch a video about Auckland. List five favorite activity's from the video.

  1.  Go to rainbows end.
  2. Go to the Auckland Museum.
  3. Go to the beach.
  4.  Go to the Zoo.
  5. Go to the top of Mount Eden. 

Winter learning Journey - Activity 1

Today I have started finished my first Winter Learning Journey Task. For this task I had to look at two sites and find three facts and put them in your own words. Here are my interesting facts. 
  1.  There are three quarters of kiwis live in the North Island.
  2.   Did you know that the pioneers are brave. 
  3.  Did you know that New Zealand are guilty for tranquilizer guns.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Tae Kwondo

Our kiwisport this term was Tae Kwondo. I have worked with Oh Hsen and created a collage. We have been learning how to build our stamina up by doing push ups every session. Our instructor was Steve Pellow and Paul Mcphail. They taught us a lot of things. 

Dance DLO

For this dance DLO I have worked with Tiava. We had to write our evaluation of our dance for this term, I think that it was really fun this term for dance.

Tamaki Wrap

On Tuesday we had special visitors from Tamaki Wrap came to Panmure Bridge School to teach us about plastic. But before we met them Ms Kirkpatrick presented us a movie. The movie was also about plastic. I had worked with Sanujan. This really fun learning about the platics.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Duffy Books

Today LS2 received our Duffy books. Main freight donate these books so that our school can continue with reading in the holiday's. I would like to say a big thank you to Main freight for donating these books us.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Key vocabulary

Oh Hsen and I have completed a DLO on vocabulary. We had a list of words and needed to define them in our own words. We also added attributions a reference. 

People Power Maths

For this DLO I worked with Nazella and Fifita. Today's L.I was, Formula for finding a percentage using a calculator. I have learnt a knew skill with finding a percentage.