Monday, 4 December 2017

Robotics at Tamaki College - 1/12/2017

Last week on Friday after our normal session of tech, we got spilt into 3 groups. They were Robotics Mr Dunn, PE with Mr Moyes and Social Sciences with Ms Apelu. I was in Robotics we spilt into 4 groups of 3, in my group I was with Oh Hsen and CJ. There was two Mdrone's and two Mbots, we chose to pick one of the Mbots.  We had to challenge the other group programming the Mbot by making the Mbot do a figure 8. At first my group found this very complicated. The more we tried, the more we knew how to programme it. We eventually found out how to make it go in specific directions. We then made some progress towards our challenge and we ended up finishing the figure 8.

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  1. Hi Eric
    Your team showed a lot of resillience in getting to the end of the task. I hope this experience has sparked your interest in robotics. Well done on completing the task and showing just how capable you are at programming and working in a team to solve a problem.