Friday, 9 December 2016

Student Leader Nominee Speeches

This afternoon the year 7's presented their speeches to the year 7&8's Mr Johnson, Ms Kirkpatrick and Mrs Anderson. First Shannon started us of with his Maniakalani speeches, then went Daniel, Oh Hsen, Zahra, when it was time for me to say my speech, I was going for Head boy and Sports leader boy. After me, then it came Mia(Head Girl), Sylis(Head Boy), Nazella(Head Girl) and A.J(Head Boy). I think all of us today we shy to say our speeches, and overcome that fear of speaking in front of an audience. Here is my speech that I said today I really hope that you like it.

Hi Hello my name is Eric and I think that I can be a great for Head Boy or Sport Leader Boy.

I think that I can be a good head boy because I have confidence for all of you in Panmure Bridge School. I can do all the duties as a head boy does which are look after the school rules, communicate to each other, Follow the school values and extra. I also help with the bins in the morning when pote is not here or if he is running late. If you won't believe me, pick me as head boy and I will show that I can do the things as a head boy.

I also would be a great Sport Leader, Because I am involved in every sport and the inter-school, There were also some inter-schools, I have missed or got postponed. The games I like to play are Basketball and Touch. I am confident to be a sport leader because I never back down when I play sport and I always use sportsmanship at school and in a inter-school.

It would be a honor to become a school leader, which is one of my goals I have set for this year. Thank you

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  1. Great speech I liked it because you gave out reasons why you should be head boy or school sport leader